The Top 10 Listing Birders in the UK

The Top 10 Listing Birders in the combined UK and Ireland geographical unit as of 9 September 2016 are as follows:-

1) Steve Gantlett (SJMG) of Cley (North Norfolk) on 599 species. Totally obsessed, as far as spent 10 consecutive days searching for the Lammergeier in South Devon

2) Mel Billington, also of Norfolk (Dersingham), on 596 species (remember, order of provenance is dependent on who sets eyes on a particular bird first)

3) Chris Heard (CDRH), arguably the UK's most diligent field observer and an outstanding birdfinder, lies in joint 2nd position with 596 species; he resides in Maidenhead (Berkshire)

4) David Oddy, once of Surrey but now in a caravan in Yorkshire, arguably one of the least deserving of such a high accolade, on 592 species

5) Lee Evans (LGRE), notorious Year-Lister and obsessive birder of Bedfordshire/Buckinghamshire fame, responsible for covering up to 73,000 miles per year in pursuit of rare birds, with 588 species (and just 19 species missed since his birding career began in 1968)

6) John Regan from Teeside, youngest of the Top 10, and in 6th position with a very respectable total of 587 species.

7) Ron Johns (RJJ), also of Norfolk and the UK's original leading twitcher (in pole position from 1961 through 2008), now lagging somewhat behind with 586 species.

8) Neil Alford from Norfolk - the dark horse of the leading pack - remains in 8th position with 584 species

9) Moving up one place since my last update - Kent's Jerry Warne - propreitor of Birdline South East and another top field birder - in 9th position with 580 species.

10) A new entrant - leading Western Palearctic lister Chris Bell of County Durham fame - joins the elite with a total of 580 species

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  1. Good job done to collect this information.

  2. abnyone got contact email for ron johns? If so plse send to
    Similarly Tim Inskipp -- don't know how I have lost these!

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  4. It would be interesting to know the totals in Britain only, where some 600 species have been recorded.

  5. Hey I am working at home this afternoon whilst the phone engineer tries to install a new line and curiosity lead me to this sight. I was interrupted whilst collecting bird eggs in 1976 by Jim who told me off and a week later bought me my first Field Guide. First the YOC then the RSPB and now aged 54 l have been lucky to travel extensively whilst in the military and then work and holidays. 58 countries later and a bit of birding when l can and l am now at 891 species and rather chuffed. Nigel Dunn Birmingham