Friday, 5 July 2013

Another Day, Another Mega...

What on earth is going on......this morning a first-year ASCENSION ISLAND FRIGATEBIRD was found in Bowmore Harbour, on the island of Islay in Argyll. RSPB warden David Wood was sent/shown these images by the finders, the bird remaining until at least 0900 hours. It was looked for by John Armitage and others early afternoon but there was no further sign of it.

Panic stations set in among certain UK twitchers with one entrepid Yorkshire lister chartering a 3-seater aircraft at two grand......

The only other British record was of an immature picked up alive on Tiree (Argyll) on 8-9 July 1953 whilst there is a single record of a MAGNIFICENT FRIGATEBIRD from Salop more recently (which died in care).

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